Featuring the vocal styling of Tess Amodeo-Vickery, Tess & the Yellow Cabbies is an elegant jazz combo perfectly suited for distinguished palates. Our repertoire celebrates the most influential songs in jazz, blues & soul, from Billie Holiday to Ray Charles. We have performed throughout Europe and recently collaborated with luxury label Bulgari SPA for two monumental events here in the Eternal City, which is our home base. From ambassadorial parties (Independence Day Concert at the US Embassy in Rome) to fashion shows (Alta Roma/Alta Moda special event at Centrale Montemartini) to posh weddings, Tess & the Yellow Cabbies has the refinement and class you crave for your big event!


Special Events: ROME – Street-lighting ceremony on Via Condotti for Roma Capitale & Bulgari SPA, 28 Nov 2014 (Bulgari Flagship), Bulgari SPA Holiday Party 2014 (Cinecittà), Alta Roma/Alta Moda Fashion in Town runway show 2013 (Centrale Montemartini), USA Independence Day Celebration 2013 (US Embassy, Villa Taverna); SIRACUSA – A.R.C.A. – Da Qui all’Eternità with Galatea Ranzi and Alberto Pagnotta 2014 (Antico Mercato d’Ortigia); LONDON – Chic Weddings in Italy SPA (various luxury weddings)

Festivals: Roma Jazz, Formello Jazz, Novara Jazz, Policoro in Swing, Montecompatri in Jazz, Terracina Jazz, Villa Celimontana, Sabina Jazz Festival

Clubs: Alexander Platz, Cotton Club, Gregory’s Jazz Club, Felt Music Club, Vinile, Il Pentagrappolo, Micca Club, Sapor Sapiens, BeBop, Caffe Vicolo del Cinque, Il Pane e Le Rose, Il Territorio, Cafe 800, Blackmarket, Cohouse, Ex Dogana